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Privacy Policy : 


a) Registration at Rgl Decors requires users to share personal details including, but not limited to, name, father's name, address, email address, mobile number,etc, which may be used by Rgl Decors.

b) Rgl Decors may collect additional information such as browser type, operating system, IP address, date and time of site visits, areas/pages visited, duration of visits, frequency of visits, location, and other click-stream data.

c) By accessing the website, you agree that certain files may be stored on your system.

d) Users may also access Rgl Decors through their respective social media accounts, during which personal information may be shared and used in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

e) Rgl Decors stores and processes information in secure data centers/servers, protected by physical and technological security measures, in compliance with relevant laws. Users consent to the transfer and use of their information in this manner.

f) Rgl Decors respects users' right to be forgotten and will delete their information upon request. Users can delete their account by emailing User data will be permanently deleted after 30 days.


a) Rgl Decors has the right to use the information provided by users, including granting a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, revocable, royalty-free, sub-licensable right to exercise copyright, publicity, and database rights.

b) Rgl Decors cannot control information provided by other users on the website, which may be offensive, harmful, inaccurate, or deceptive. Users should exercise caution when using the website.

c) Rgl Decors may share data with customers, vendors, clients, or third parties for certification, marketing, or other purposes, with users' implied consent upon accessing the website/application.

d) Information provided by users may be shared with mentors or used to fulfill user requirements.

e) Rgl Decors may contact users with information, promotional materials, and offers from the company, affiliates, educational institutions, marketing partners, and third parties, if agreed by the user or required by law.


a) "Confidential Information" includes all non-public information disclosed by Rgl Decors to users, including technical, financial, commercial, or personal information.

b) Confidential Information excludes information that is publicly available, previously known to users, independently developed by users, or required to be disclosed by law.

c) Users agree to maintain confidentiality, not disclose, or use Confidential Information for any purpose other than engagement purposes, and implement reasonable measures to protect Confidential Information.


By using the Site and/or providing information, users consent to the collection and use of their information by Rgl Decors in accordance with its Privacy Policy.


The Privacy Policy may be updated periodically, and users are advised to review it regularly. By accessing the website, users are deemed to have accepted the latest Privacy Policy."

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