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5 Modern Interior Design Styles and How to Use Them | Different Types of Interiors designs Style.

"Home is nothing without inner beauty. It's just a building until you add spice through eye catching interior works. We are here to help you with lot of affordable interior designs collections."


Modern design interiors are getting into the trend as it look simple yet elegant. Use of monochromatic patterns without much detailings, pleasent looking wall colours, clean and neat interiors looks with only necessary features are the uniqueness of modern design interiors.

People loves this for its simple and unique look. If you are a type of person who needs a clean work of furniture and neat and sensible color patterns you can definitely go for modern interiors designs Exclusively available @ RGL decors.


Contemporary designs are something which goes with the trend. Unlike modern design this will give you detailings with modern design and technology which again will make you Join the trend which is more fascinating today.

This design type has no specific colour combination but can be any color you love to have. Space without perfect edges will fit well with this design type. If you are a person who loves to join the trend of your time you can go for contemporary design style Exclusively available @ RGL decors..

Traditional look is nothing more or nothing less of what you love always. Everyone of us feels good connect with traditional style.The traditional Indian interior designers are emerging as one of the major ways in which people choose to design their homes.

This style will get you in the first sight and make you fall for it. This includes very sensible color patterns, wooden furnishings with detailed designs, narrative wall paintings which get us to the past and make us feel the present as well.

Wood is the main portion of traditional design style which reflects richness and Royalty in each part of the interior. If you are a type of person who loves wooden furnishings, classic colour patterns and descriptive walls you can have a traditional interior design Exclusively available @ RGL decors..

Farm House is out of the trend yet loved my many. Farm Houses are becoming increasingly popular as we all need a peace of mind. Farm House is designed with very cost effective materials which will soothe your mind and soul.

This design type gives space to trees and plantings with a greenish look which calms your mind. This involves eco friendly materials like wooden furnitures.

Without much detailings this design type includes a lot of natural materials. If you are type of person who loves nature you can go for farm house design

style Exclusively available @ RGL decors.


Industrial design style is something that suits good for your open spaces like balcony and portico And bedroom too. The main part of industrial design type is exposing the materials used by not finishing it also in raw finishes.

This involves very primary color patters, without much designs. Any type of furniture can be used in this design style. If you are a person who loves bricks and un cemented walls with many interior things rather than interior works, you can definitely look for industrial design style.

RGL_DECORS do modern design interior for their clients in a affordable range and this will definitely get your attention and appreciation.

RGL_DECORS always go with your interest and gives the best solution for your space, price and time


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